Watch Rick Montgomery Jr. Movies Online

Watch Rick Montgomery Jr. Movies Online

In 2001, Rick retired from a business career to pursue one in acting. Within a few short years he has established himself as one of the top character actors in Ohio. Audiences and critics alike find his ability to bring an honest portrayal to any character whether it is a cold blooded killer, grieving father, loving husband, or the comic drunk who lives down the street. His ability to change his appearance has often amazed audience members. And even when cast in multiple roles in a single production, audiences have a difficult time believing it is the same man.Rick travels the country as productions demand with the support of his wife and four children. He currently works out of his home in Akron, Ohio, but does support a residence in NYC and is to do the same in LA in the Spring of 2005.Why Akron? Great place to raise children AND it has been his home for 51 years. Why change a good thing.
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